Like all businesses owners in Prince Albert, I want my brand  to stand out.  I can remember growing up here there was a company called PA Radiator.  They’re probably still in town.  They had an ad which read “The Best Place in Town to Take a Leak”.

I was about 10 years old when I seen that and I thought it was so controversial.  How could they write that, in big letters, for everyone to see?  My childish mind thought that the Police would come and tell them to change it.  Whoever thought that little ad up is pretty bold. The message stuck with at least one potential customer for 20 years now.  When one person said that it was a good slogan, someone else probably said “no way! That’s not the kind of message you just put your businesses name on!”

Prince Albert Radiator Shop

Here’s a pic of their business card. I guess line about taking a leak in Prince Albert is actually their slogan!

A Bold Move

In a small city, like P.A. you can bet people will notice if you make a bold move.  There’s a dog grooming store-front in Saskatoon with a big painted sign above the door which reads “Doggy Styles”.   Even though I was 23 when I first seen it, I laughed and cringed at the same time, and now I can’t forget the place.   That is a visceral reaction, and very few businesses have made me actually feel something, just for reading their sign.  I don’t have  a dog to groom, but if I do, I know the first place that will pop into my mind.  That charming double entendre has done it’s work.

If you have a bold move you’d like designed, or even made into a full website, then …


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